Fiat Dino Spider 2000 #726 Restoration


This BLOG will follow the complete restoration of Spider #726 owned by Lincoln Cooper (president of Club Dino Italia) and executed by Mark Devaney and his team of experts at TwentyFourHundred. The car itself is a pretty good example as a base, but with various non-original aspects to it and slightly dubious previous repairs evident to the trained eye - all to be ironed out. There are many "good" Dinos out there that appear to be good until you dig a bit deeper and discover that they are not what they seem. Unless you are very fortunate, most cars have been got at at some time or other and usually by someone who is not 100% competent in this specfic car or who does not have the necessary skills to do the job properly.

With this restoration we intend to strip the car back to its bare bones, analyze what is there and what has been done previously and then rectify the problems and assemble the car back to original spec. This BLOG will be updated periodically with pictures and an explanation of what has been done.

Inspiration came from the wonderful example driven by Carol Baker in the Film "Paranoia" (1970): Paranoia